Travis & Vivian Morris

And Family

Travis and Vivian live in Cleburne, Johnson, Texas which is located just south of Fort Worth.

They have five children ranging in age from Seventeen to thirty Two. They are active in Church and have been active genealogist for over twenty years. They have both been involved in the local genealogical society as well as groups in Fort Worth and Dallas.

Vivian was a legal secretary but devoted her later career to the rearing of her children. Travis has worked in the telecommunications industry for over thirty years (resume) and is presently a Central Office Manager for WinStar Telecommunications.

Vivian is presently the president of the Johnson County Genealogical Society. Travis is the group leader of the societies Computer Interest Group (CIG).

Travis Morris J

I am devoting this home page to the pursuit of my hobby; Genealogy. There are many families   (definition of FAMILY) involved in a person but for the time being I am limiting my list to the tables below. If you are also interested in any of these families please send me an e-mail.

This page is always under construction; as information is found and presented I will try to post it. This could be considered a book in progress.

I have four linked generations in each family listed. My first goal is to present online documentation to prove the people and links in these genealogies.

You are welcome to join me in the search for proofs of these families. I welcome the inclusion of any documentation you may have or can find. Please quote the document verbatim and where the exact location of the original resides (example: a marriage certificate, Johnson Co., Texas, Courthouse, Marriage Book "C", page 231). E-mail the transcribed document file to me and I will attach it to the name in the chart for that family.

I am also trying to set up mailing lists for each of the families listed below so we will have an exchange of information on the research that we are doing. I will post any changes at this spot.

If you have a HomePage depicting any of the names or families I have displayed, please let me know and I will link my family to yours.


The Descendants of Jeremiah COMBS born 1788 Russell Co., Virginia
Also see the Combs &c site.
The Descendants of John DANIEL born 1769 Virginia

The Descendants of Robert HILL

born 1590 England
The Descendants of James MARTIN born 1794 Tennessee
The Descendants of Richard MORRIS b. 1814 Virginia
Also see Morris Family Association

Hey Mom, Look at this!
Christopher Columbus HILL and his brother Thomas Jefferson HILL
This is my GG-Grand-father Christopher Columbus HILL (Left) and his brother Thomas Jefferson HILL. (Folks really had a thing for history, didn't they:) It was sent to me by Dobie HILL in Lubbock. Thanks Dobie.

I welcome any questions or comments.
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