The focus of this portion of the website is to trace the descendants of Andrew Jackson Grisham, Sr. and his wife, Gillie Olive (Mason) Grisham.

To this point no document has been uncovered to definitively identify the parents of this Andrew Jackson Grisham, Sr.  We have spent over two decades looking for a definitive link to his parents.

Andrew Jackson Grisham, Sr. is presented herein as a son of George Gresham, Sr. and his first wife, Miss Waugh.  There is also a lesser possibility that Andrew Jackson Grisham, Sr., might have been a son of George Washington Grisham, Jr., who WAS  the oldest child of George Gresham, Sr. and Miss Waugh.

The early descendants of these men "claimed" to be related.  The descendants of George, Jr. and Andrew, Sr. lived in close proximity for decades.

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Would you consider contributing to a fund to erect a chain-link fence around the graves of Andrew Jackson Grisham, Sr., Gillie Olive (Mason) Grisham, Matilda Jeanette (Grisham) Anderson, Joseph Randolph Anderson, and three of their children?  These graves are in the abandoned Old Baptist Cemetery/Anderson Family Cemetery at the Tippah County edge of Prentiss County, MS.  

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