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by Richard Scott

WHAT is The PURE TRUTH? It is a magazine of unique and daring insight into the scriptures, revealing the restoration of truth prophesied to take place in the days just prior to the Savior's second coming! Its goal is to prepare you for that event by helping you to understand the secrets of truth that have been hidden for many centuries, cast aside by the religions that have dominated this world, and are still being denied by their many illegitimate offspring, who falsely believe they alone know the truth and are preserving it intact.

Among these, Herbert W. Armstrong's Worldwide Church came the closest in this age to learning and restoring these long abandoned truths, but he stumbled badly over the lure of wealth and the spiritual riches of this world, which are mere dross compared to the pure, refined wealth of character and truth that often shines through poverty and those who are generally physically and economically powerless in this world.

His successors have followed the way of Cain, hating everything HWA stood for, yet little realizing they are themselves hated and despised in heaven for their carnal attempts to overthrown the truth of the ageless commandments with the "wisdom" of this world's lawless religions.

Neither do any of the different groups that have splintered off from HWA's religious sect, and are still separating themselves from it, realize just how wrong they are in some of their most cherished, foundational doctrinal teachings. Though most have a "calling" of men's educational degrees, and all put on a good show of religion, yet their shameless twisting and turning away from the truths of scripture seemingly knows no bounds, in their zealous but false attempts to do a "work" and carry out a "commission" that is simply not theirs to understand as yet--if ever--much less to fulfill with their proud works of vanity and deception!

Prepare to be jolted and shocked by what they have unanimously failed or utterly refused to teach, which is in fact: The PURE TRUTH!


This magazine contains strong spiritual meat, and hard-hitting exposes of those who falsely profess to teach only the "plain truth" today! If you can't accept the need for shining the seachlight of truth into the dark and often horrifying cracks and crevices of falsehood and deceit, laying bare the hidden motives of spiritual criminals, fools and liars, then you had better stop right here and seek your brand of "truth" somewhere else.

Only, before you do, recall the words spoken by the Savior: "Make every effort to enter through the narrow gateway, because I tell you, many will try to enter it but will not be able. Because the wide gateway and broad roadway leads to destruction, and most are entering through it. But the small gateway and narrow pathway leads to life, and only a very few are finding it!"
(Matthew 7:13-14 and Luke 13:24; combined, and paraphrased slightly).

--The Editor.

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