A history of service, Deering and Son Funeral Home

A History of Service

One of the oldest-if not the oldest-business in Cleburne which still operates today, is the Crosier-Pearson-Mayfield Funeral Home.

Every burgeoning community needed an undertaker and Cleburne's first was V. Gray who began his business in Cleburne in 1866 while the town wasn't really a town. It was still Camp Henderson, but the wild and woolly west demanded someone to bury those who died both of gunshot wounds and of natural causes.

Gray's son-in-law took over the business when Gray retired and, in 1899, the Cleburne City Directory listed "Deering and Blackwell, Undertakers," They were located at 114 East Chambers.

Later, Deering purchased the entire business and ran it as R. H. Deering, Funeral Director and Embalmer.

In December, 1939, F, Byron Crosier and J. Hunter Pearson purchased the business, It operated under their named until 1975 when R. B, "Bob" Mayfield purchased the Crosier Interest. Keeping the historic name of Crosier-Pearson, Bob and Neta Mayfield added their own to the equation and today, after 136 years, Crosier-Pearson-Mayfield still goes strong.

Of interest to those who keep track of vastly changing times is an invoice written by N. Blackwell, Undertaker, on July 5, 1884. The letterhead adds "and dealer in hardware & farming implements,"

The charge for a coffin and box was $11.00; for digging the grave, $3.00; for the lot in the cemetery, $5.00.

But the caring attitude toward those who have lost loved ones remains the same, even though prices have changed, When Bob Mayfield was asked during an interview, "How can you deal with heartache and grief over a period of so many years?" His answer was simple and to the point, "Only out of a Christian philosophy and mutual respect for people,"

The original Deering and Son Funeral Records may be viewed at the Cleburne Public Library.


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